Hydraulic Fertilizer Cart Linkage Saves Times

Hydraulic Fertilizer Cart Linkage Saves Times

A new hydraulic linkage for Yetter fertilizer carts cuts your grower-customers’ time, and that’s a good thing.


When time is short, easy-to-operate equipment increases in value for growers. The new 2000 Series Hydraulic Linkage for Yetter Manufacturing’s All Steer High Capacity Fertilizer Carts conveniently eliminates the need to manually adjust the cart’s steering linkage.

“Producers are going to need to move fast this spring once they are able to enter now-wet fields,” says Derek Allensworth, Yetter marketing manager.

The hydraulic linkage is activated by a hydraulic cylinder and can be locked or unlocked from the seat of the tractor. There is no need to climb out of the cab to prepare the fertilizer cart for in-field application. The all-steer setting is activated with the movement of a hydraulic lever.

Once application is complete, it’s easy to change the steering linkage for front-axle road transport — just hit the hydraulic lever. The hydraulic system has the potential to greatly increase productivity because producers will be on the road and in the next field faster.

The hydraulic system requires no tools to operate. It is constructed of heavy-duty tubular steel for an extended operating life.

The 2000 Series Hydraulic Linkage is available as an option for new 2,000, 1,600, and 1,600 + 400 All Steer High Capacity Fertilizer Carts. It can also be added to All Steer Carts currently in use.

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