Eating Acres

Eating Acres

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The battle cry from the U.S. government back in 1967 was, “We need 30 million more acres!” With world grain stocks at near break-even, and an international policy that used food support as a way to maintain peace and positive relations with other countries (and to stem the tide of Soviet communism), government officials were desperate to increase food production in the States.

It was a game of cat and mouse that winter before the season of ’67, as farmers demanded solid price supports to take the risk out of increased production, and the government worked to plump up its support offers to lock in that additional production.

The issue was not lost on CropLife IRON forerunner Farm Chemicals magazine, which covered the subject in-depth as part of its annual Industry Outlook issue in January.

Automatic steering technology — among other things — would have come in pretty handy …

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