DICKEY-john, ISDA Discuss Future Collaborations

DICKEY-john, ISDA Discuss Future Collaborations

On May 13, 2014, DICKEY-john hosted a visit from Ted McKinney, Director of the Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) and Bob Goulet, Auditor of the Indiana Grain Buyers and Warehouse Licensing Agency (IGBWLA).


DICKEY-john’s grain lab currently supports the IGBWLA, providing calibrations and validations of their standard instruments used in the moisture instrument testing program for the ISDA. DICKEY-john’s GAC 2500-UGMA instruments are used by IGBWLA and ISDA to ensure all grain moisture testing instruments used in the state of Indiana for buying, selling or trading grain provide correct moisture measurement.

Director McKinney and Auditor Goulet met with DICKEY-john’s management team and toured the production, engineering, service and grain lab facilities. Director Ted McKinney stated, “On behalf of the State of Indiana and ISDA, I want to thank DICKEY-john for their assistance and support. ISDA places a very high value on its relations with DICKEY-john and will continue to work together to advance agricultural production and practices.”

The DICKEY-john GAC 2500-UGMA is GIPSA-certified as UGMA-compatible. The GAC 2500-UGMA uses the newest analysis 149-MHz technology to provide repeatable NTEP-certified results. One of the key benefits of 149-MHz technology is the reduction of grain calibrations required to deliver precise results. Additionally, the GAC 2500-UGMA has more accurate temperature sensing capabilities to measure in extreme temperature conditions, including frozen and hot grain. Analysis time at the grain terminal is also reduced with the quick, easy-to-use touch screen interface.

Source: PRNewswire