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Speed King Blender, Speed King/CrustBusterSpeed King, Speed King Inc./Crustbuster

CrustBuster is the first company to design, manufacture, and sell large diameter Vertical Screw Blenders — making them the longest “on the job” tapered Vertical Screw Blender. The Speed King blender has a large-diameter, tapered mixing screw that quickly draws material into the blender and creates a very rapid, complete blending of all materials without any degradation in the quality of the material, says the company. The unit has only one externally mounted bearing to service, making it one of the most maintenance-friendly blenders on the market. The Speed King’s blender tank, inload-hopper, motor mount, belt guard, support legs and gate are manufactured from 304 stainless steel. Dodge City, KS, 620-227-7106,