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Yargus Declining Weigh Blend System, Yargus ManufacturingYargus Declining Weigh Blend System, Yargus Manufacturing

The Yargus Declining Weigh Blend System is becoming one of the company’s most sought after blenders with the higher tonnage retailers, says the company. Batch blend system (tapers, drums or towers) manufacturers talk about blender unload rates, but with the Declining Weigh Blender, Yargus talks about total blend/load time (throughput). Yargus’ system — with throughput speeds of 3, 4, 5 and 6 tons per minutes or faster — is the fastest blender on the market, says the company. Retailers are investing in larger tendering equipment, and this system can blend and fill a 24-ton tender in six to eight minutes — the job completely done with operators ready to repeat the process for the next tender. Marshall, IL, 217-826-6352,

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