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Waconia Tower Blend SystemTower Blend System, Waconia Manufacturing

Waconia’s Tower Blender System is so versatile it is hard to say what features operators will appreciate most, reports the company. In terms of speed, users won’t need to imagine having a 1000- to 2000-ton day — they will be experiencing it. In addition, the tower system provides material accountability, invoicing and reports. It also offers exceptional blend quality, custom-formulating any size batch and impregnating chemicals, stabilizers or enhancers using 4- to 18-ton blenders (both vertical tapered auger blenders and horizontal orbital blenders). Accuracy comes with efficiency and a throughput capacity from 60 to 200 TPH — up to 275 ton bin capacity — with 6- to 14-bin configurations. Waconia, MN, 952-442-4450,