All Hail Hagie

All Hail Hagie

Hagie, STS14 sprayer

The STS14 sprayer from Hagie Manufac­turing was named the winner of the first annual ShowStopper Award, presented by CropLife IRON and the Illinois Fertilizer & Chemical Association (IFCA) at the 2007 Midwest AG Indus­tries Exposition (MAGIE). The honor was given to the product at the show that generated the most “buzz” among attendees or had the most foot traffic.

“To celebrate the big show that MAGIE is, we thought it needed a big award,” said Eric Sfiligoj, editor of Crop­Life IRON. “At every MAGIE, there is that one product that makes everyone stop and take notice.”

The STS14 features a 1,400-gallon solution tank, a 275-hp engine, and tandem hydrostatic pumps. The unit at MAGIE also sported the company’s new 120-foot boom option and the auto boom height control system manufactured by Norac, Inc.

“It’s good to know that what we have to offer is exciting to everyone here,” said Jim Williams, product marketing engineer for Hagie.

“We like to see our exhibitors put in the extra effort to really get people to stop at their booths,” said IFCA President Jean Payne. “It’s easy to set up a booth. It’s another thing to set up a product that makes people stop and go ‘wow.’ Congratulations to Hagie for accomplishing this.”

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