2013 National Farm Machinery Show: The Future Of Agricultural Equipment

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Miller NITRO 5000Nitro 5000 Series Sprayer | Miller St. Nazianz

The NITRO 5000 Series is available in a wide range of tank sizes, boom width, and horsepower configurations, with optional Miller Quick-Attach and Injection Toolbar, in a total of 7 models, all available with Four Wheel Steering option. These include the 5215, 5240, 5275, 5333, 5365, 5345 and 5400. Highlights of the Miller SprayView cab include a clean, uncluttered environment with CAN bus wiring, convenient 12-volt power points throughout, easy-to-reach armrest and joystick controls, and a new Miller Systems Monitor to manage the chassis operations. The Premium SprayView cab features a comfortable suede leather air ride seat with active suspension and heating/cooling.

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