A Message to Ag Retailers: Do Tell Your Good Stories

A Message to Ag Retailers: Do Tell Your Good Stories

Krysta Harden, Chief Sustainability Officer, DuPont Crop Protection


As the daughter of a peanut farmer, Krysta Harden, Chief Sustainability Officer for DuPont Crop Protection, understands the importance ag retailer-centric programs such as the company’s Environmental Respect Awards has played in the lives of both the company and its recipients. “This program is an important of what our company does – recognize good stewards,” said Harden, speaking at the 2017 Environmental Respect Award celebration week, held in Wilmington, DE, in mid-July. “The connection you winners have made as part of this program to our customers is invaluable.”

Recognizing those ag retailers from around the globe that have gone above-and-beyond when it comes to their environmental stewardship has taken on increased importance in the today’s world, she said. “Right now, we have a disconnect with consumers across the globe about what agriculture does and stands for,” said Harden.

To combat this attitude, Harden encouraged ag retailers to share their positive stories with everyone they possibly could. “Talk about the good things you know farmers are doing in your areas of the world,” she said. “The consuming public needs to have more information about where their food comes from.

“I also encourage you to be leaders in your communities, especially in those that don’t fully understand what agriculture is all about and how it goes out of its way to protect the land and water around it,” she concluded.