BRANDT Growth Leads To Corporate Headquarters Expansion

The BRANDT headquarters building in Springfield, IL.

The BRANDT headquarters building in Springfield, IL.


BRANDT (the No. 21-ranked retailer on our CropLife 100 list) is breaking ground for a major building expansion project at its global headquarters in Springfield, IL. The 15-month project will expand the current 26,000-square foot building by 22,000 square feet to meet the current and future demands of the company. Aggressive growth, commitment to the future of the company and the industries they serve are the driving forces behind the expansion.

In 2007, BRANDT moved into their new headquarters in Springfield, IL. “When we built the current building, only 5 years ago, it was specifically designed for growth by adding new wings to either end.” said BRANDT President and CEO Rick Brandt. “We didn’t expect to out-grow the building in such a short amount of time, but we are experiencing growth throughout the entire company. We are expanding into new global markets while at the same time increasing our market share in local and domestic markets. As we continue to grow so does the demand for resources to support that growth.”

BRANDT Vice President and COO Tim McArdle is heading the expansion project. “It’s an exciting time for BRANDT,” said McArdle. “We have a commitment to the company and its employees as well as the industries we serve. Proper infrastructure is a key element to our growth and success.”

BRANDT will be celebrating the expansion with a groundbreaking ceremony on Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. at their headquarters location on Koke Mill in Springfield, IL.