Syngenta Expands Research Base

Syngenta Expands Research Base

A new corn and soybean operation in Hawaii will increase seed capabilities and jobs.


Syngenta has purchased approximately 848 acres of agricultural-zoned land in Kunia, Oahu, Hawaii from the James Campbell Co., LLC, to expand the company’s corn and soybean research and parent seed operations. An estimated two-thirds of the acres purchased are suitable for farming, leaving a significant amount available for open space and preservation of native Hawaiian plant species.

Syngenta purchased the additional acreage in Kunia as part of its ongoing program to breed better seeds. The Syngenta Hawaii facilities play a critical role in harnessing the power of plants to meet global challenges for food, feed, and fuel. Syngenta has a long history in Hawaii, beginning more than 40 years ago, and this latest land purchase brings the company’s total Hawaiian research and parent seed operations to more than 4,800 acres.

Along with the land acquisition, Syngenta will be expanding its employee base in Hawaii to support its growth. Syngenta employs a large workforce in Hawaii with major operations on Kauai and Oahu. A significant number of full-time positions will be added to the Syngenta payroll across Hawaii by the end of the year, which will be supplemented with third-party contractors throughout the year.