Syngenta Creates Sugar Cane Technology

Syngenta Creates Sugar Cane Technology

Syngenta is developing a new technology to dramatically improve the cost efficiency of sugar cane planting in Brazil.


Syngenta’s innovation would reduce planting costs per hectare by some 15 percent, driven by a novel approach to grow sugar cane from smaller cane segments using proprietary treatments. The technology is planned for launch in 2010 under the brand name Plene and has a market potential of $300 million per year by 2015.

The method would allow sugar cane growers to replant their fields more frequently, eliminating the typical yield degradation of the crop and thereby leading to a yield gain of up to 15 percent. It would also enable growers to use lighter planting equipment which saves on fuel costs. This planting machinery is under development in partnership with U.S. agricultural equipment manufacturer John Deere.

Brazil is the market leader in sugar cane production. The introduction of Plene is pending regulatory approvals in Brazil.

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