Mycogen Launches SmartStax Hybrids

Mycogen Launches SmartStax Hybrids

Mycogen Seeds’ new elite Mycogen SmartStax hybrids include 12 grain corn hybrids and two Mycogen brand Silage-Specific corn hybrids.


Mycogen SmartStax hybrids have built-in protection throughout the season, from both above- and below-ground corn pests, including earworm, fall armyworm, Western bean cutworm, and rootworm. Its multiple modes of action attack pests at two locations in the midgut, making it much more difficult for insects to develop resistance to the technology, according to Mycogen.

The new Mycogen SmartStax hybrids will deliver the broadest spectrum of insect control in the latest genetics, according to the company. Growers will experience a yield advantage due to the reduced refuge requirements, since Mycogen SmartStax hybrids require a 5 percent refuge instead of the traditional 20 percent requirement for first-generation Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) traits.

“Growers can maximize profits by planting MYCOGEN SmartStax hybrids. Our lineup offers a wide selection, so growers can find the right hybrids for their unique on-farm situations,” says Keith Porter, agronomy services manager, Mycogen Seeds.

The new Mycogen SmartStax grain corn hybrids include 2H490, 2H523. 2K594, 2A688, 2D692, and 2K679. The two new Mycogen SmartStax TMF Silage hybrids are TMF2Q717 and TMF2R522.

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(Source: Mycogen Seeds)

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