Monsanto, DuPont Dispute Roundup Ready Use

According to a Monsanto Co. Securities and Exchange Commission filing, Monsanto and DuPont subsidiary Pioneer Hi-Bred are in dispute resolution proceedings over DuPont’s intention to use Roundup Ready technology in soybeans.

DuPont’s 2008-2015 license agreement to use Monsanto’s first-generation Roundup Ready technology requires it to pay $725 million for use of Roundup Ready in corn. DuPont plans to stack Optimum GAT – its own glyphosate and acetolactate synthase-tolerant trait – with a Roundup Ready trait in soybeans. Previously, DuPont had announced that it would discontinue the use of soybean varieties containing Roundup Ready.

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2 comments on “Monsanto, DuPont Dispute Roundup Ready Use

  1. Anonymous

    This is one sample of the monopoly operations in US market for a long time. The big guy, the basic mutiinternational companies always do it, not just Monosato, but everyone including DuPont. US should hve better policy to provent the monopoly.

  2. Anonymous

    This is the first example of example of someone willing to show some leadership and work against the stifiling control MON has on american agriculture. At least in this case, we have a choice to support someone other than St. Louis and still have access to technology. I think Pioneer has always been fair to farmers…