Loveland Products Introduces New Seed Treatment

Loveland Products Introduces New Seed Treatment

Loveland Products announces a new active ingredient registration, resulting in the release of a new seed treatment named Consensus.


“The EPA registration of Salicylic Acid for seed treatment use was our goal for a number of years,” stated Marty Robinson, Seed Treatment Market Manager at Loveland Products. “The registration was recently approved, allowing us to move forward with this innovative product.”

Consensus, a new seed treatment technology product is formulated with three important plant growth regulators (PGRs) including Salicylic Acid. It boasts a low use rate, seed safety, low environmental impact, and is a good companion seed treatment with other seed treatment products such as rhizobia inoculant.

“Technically, Consensus is formulated for the activation of oligosaccharides, vitamins and natural plant growth hormones, resulting in stronger, healthier and more uniform seedlings,” says Chris Stickler, research and development director. “It can activate gene expression for better utilization of seed-stored nutrients, promote rooting for better water and nutrient utilization and trigger Systemic Acquired Resistance for greater plant vigor and survivability. We see more growth above and below the ground, and great yield responses from a number of crops including rice, soybeans, cereals and cotton.”

The product is labeled for a wide range of field and other crops, and will be marketed through Crop Production Services retail locations.

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