Flo Rite Available To Enhance Soybean Plantability

Flo Rite Available To Enhance Soybean Plantability

A major development in enhancing treated soybean seed for planting was announced this past week.


Becker Underwood, Inc., a global leader in inoculants and seed enhancement technology, has expanded its Flo Rite polymer technology for soybeans. Flo Rite 1127 Concentrate was developed to enhance the plantability of soybeans that have been treated with various seed treatments.

When added to commercial seed treatments, Flo Rite 1127 Concentrate improves plantability, seed flow in seed treatment equipment, seed coverage, appearance, and reduces dust off of actives during and after the seed treatment process. Its unique properties allow it to be added with active seed treatment components, inoculants, and Color Coat colorants directly in the mix tank and applied simultaneously. Talc or additional polymers are not required during application, but Becker Underwood advocates following planter equipment manufacturer guidelines. In addition, the concentrate is an inoculant (rhizobia)-friendly formulation, so inoculants like Vault LVL or VAULT NP may be added to the slurry.

Flo Rite 1127 Concentrate for soybeans replaces Flo Rite 1127. Visit www.beckerunderwood.com for more information.

(Source: Becker Underwood, Inc.)