DuPont Unveils New Seed Strategy

DuPont Unveils New Seed Strategy

Pioneer Hi-Bred, a DuPont business, has unveiled a new business strategy to bring its seed genetics to more acres around the world through a network of partnerships and new brands.


The strategy, called PROaccess, will increase Pioneer’s global seed market reach through co-brands, second brands, and investments. In the United States alone, this strategy will allow Pioneer to have access to distribution systems that cover an additional 5 percent of corn acres.

Through the PROaccess model, Pioneer will develop customized business agreements with independent seed companies to address their specific needs. Pioneer will manage the PROaccess business relationships separate from its Pioneer brand. The seed marketed and distributed by these companies will be unique and not available from Pioneer sales reps.

PROaccess business agreements have been established in Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, and the United States. Pioneer plans to continue expanding the number of partners and acres through the PROaccess strategy.

Within the United States, PROaccess includes business agreements with leading independent seed companies, encompassing nearly 20 key corn and soybean states. These distribution agreements enable the launch of new corn and soybean products not currently available to growers. These U.S. co-brands are owned by Pioneer Hi-Bred and include genetics from Pioneer; however, each seed company has exclusive marketing and distribution rights.