Bayer Collaborates On Bean Traits

Bayer Collaborates On Bean Traits

A new Bayer CropScience deal will benefit U.S. soybean growers.


Bayer, Mertec LLC, and M.S. Technologies LLC have agreed to jointly develop and commercialize several innovative soybean trait technologies. These products are destined for the U.S. market with the opportunity to expand to other soybean growing countries.

Under this long-term agreement Bayer CropScience and M.S. Technologies will combine proprietary technologies and make them available to be inserted into high-yielding elite germplasm contributed by Mertec LLC. The resulting traits and products willl be broadly licensed to the seed industry. It will be Bayer CropScience’s responsibility to obtain the necessary global authorizations for the resulting traits and to obtain approvals for the associated herbicide use.

One of the first products expected from the collaboration will be soybean varieties with tolerance to both glyphosate and to HPPD inhibitors, a class of herbicides that include Bayer’s Balance Pro brand isoxaflutole, currently used in corn in the U.S. The combination will offer growers flexibility in herbicide choices, with the herbicide combination offering the potential for one-pass weed control as well as effective weed resistance management.

These products are expected to be followed by other multi-trait combinations, including a triple herbicide tolerant stack with LibertyLink.

The collaboration builds on the existing relationship between Bayer CropScience and M.S. Technologies, a key partner in the development of Bayer CropScience’s LibertyLink herbicide tolerant trait in soybeans. As a result of this particular cooperation, LibertyLink soybeans are planned to be be introduced to the market in 2009.