BASF, INCOTEC Form Seed Treatment Agreement

BASF, INCOTEC Form Seed Treatment Agreement

BASF and INCOTEC, Integrated Coatings and Seed Technology, Inc. (INCOTEC) have formed an agreement that will allow INCOTEC to treat brassica seeds with the BASF crop protection product Coronet fungicide seed treatment. INCOTEC will also be offering this product to seed companies for on-site application within the U.S.


In this agreement, INCOTEC offers an independent platform for seed-applied plant protection products of consistent and high quality such as Coronet fungicide seed treatment from BASF.

Coronet fungicide seed treatment received registration from the U.S. EPA in 2008 and contains the active ingredients Boscalid and F500, both products of BASF research and innovation. Coronet provides effective control against a broad spectrum of seed-borne fungal pathogens on brassica seeds.

Brad Kortsen, Sales and Marketing Manager for INCOTEC North America, said, “We are delighted with this agreement, the quality innovation from BASF suits our expanding area of focus including the application of innovative treatments to enhance and improve crop quality and yield.”

“Coronet helps control key seed and seedling diseases from the start, while improving plant stress tolerance,” said Robert Yaklich, Market Manager for Seed Solutions for BASF in North America. “Delivering healthy plants from the start, Coronet leads to increased yield potential by giving seedlings a stronger start with improved plant vigor in the early, critical days of growth.”