Avicta Evicts Corn Pest

Avicta Evicts Corn Pest

Avicta seed treatment from Syngenta tackles a new corn pest — the nematode.


Nematodes have been a pest in cotton and soybeans and increasingly are becoming a problem in corn. Avicta, a new seed treatment from Syngenta, recently approved by EPA, may offer some relief for corn growers.

Avicta will be available in limited amounts in 2009. The product will be available as a preapplied seed treatment package with a .50 milligram active ingredient rate of Cruiser (Cruiser 500), plus Apron XL, Maxim XL, and Dynasty fungicides.

The 2009 supplies of Avicta-treated hybrids will mainly be used in on-farm test demonstrations. Full commercial launch will be in 2010.

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