Advanta US Upgrades Sorghum Production Facility

Advanta US Upgrades Sorghum Production Facility

Advanta US is improving and consolidating its sorghum seed production, processing and storage into its Hereford, TX, facilities. In addition to capital improvements that will be made to the facilities, Advanta will be consolidating positions and equipment from its Crosbyton, TX, location.


“This move to improve customer responsiveness and reduce costs comes after much consideration and careful analysis,” says Steve Ligon, U.S. business manager. “The Hereford facility is more centrally located to our seed production fields and has upgraded processing and packaging equipment as well as a quality control lab in place. We want to transition our services to better serve all of our customers, while cutting costs associated with facility maintenance and seed transportation.”

“We appreciate the contribution of the Crosbyton unit,” Ligon says. “We will work to make the transition as smooth as possible for the employees and the customers.”

The consolidation and Hereford facility upgrade will increase storage capacity and bring additional technology into the seed processing line. The seed production, processing and service transition is scheduled through July 2011.

In addition to management of the seed production and processing operation, the Hereford location also houses some of the Advanta worldwide sorghum research and breeding efforts. Sorghum is the fifth most important cereal grain crop grown in the world behind corn, wheat, rice, and barley. Produced on approximately 100 million acres in 100 different countries around the world, various sorghum types are used for animal feed, food for human consumption, biofuels, and a number of minor uses including sorghum syrup, low-gluten-flour and more.