Replant ’08 Series: Syngenta

Replant ’08 Series: Syngenta

Syngenta Crop Protection says keeping an eye on how excess water is affecting your grower-customers soybeans is critical.


Due to recent heavy rains in the Midwest, it is essential that soybean growers keep a close watch on their fields this season. Wet weather can heighten the risk of infection from certain pathogens because moisture hastens fungal growth. It is recommended that growers make it a practice to scout for diseases, particularly during wet conditions.

Due to the increased possibility of infection in wet conditions and the difficulties associated with scouting, applying a fungicide such as Quadris during the R3 or R4 growth stage is the most reliable way to protect soybean fields from this risk.

Ultimately, Quadris improves Plant Performance by providing broad-spectrum disease control, preserving green leaf area, increasing water-use efficiency, and improving CO2 assimilation. Research shows an application of Quadris boosts yields an average of 5 bushels to 6 bushels per acre.

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