Monsanto Canada Unveils New iOS Weed I.D. App

Monsanto Canada Unveils New iOS Weed I.D. App

A screenshot from Monsanto Canada's Weed ID iOS app.

A screenshot from Monsanto Canada’s Weed ID iOS app.


Monsanto Canada’s Weed ID app is a new mobile tool specific to Canada that will help identify and map weeds and weed trends on the farm year-over-year.

IDENTIFY: The Weed ID app lets users ID weeds based on key characteristic selections they have identified. It also allows the user to search for weeds, view the weed database and provide detailed descriptions and photos of the weeds.

MAP IT: The Map It section of the app uses a WiFi connection and GPS coordinates to map and track the weed pressures identified year-over year.

App Capabilities

  • Identify Weeds.
  • Map Weed Pressures.
  • Download the most Current Weed Database.
  • Contact Monsanto Agronomist’s and CustomCare technical support in your region.
  • 48 Weeds in database – More coming soon!

The app is currently available for download at the Apple App Store.