Midwest Manure Summit Slated For February 26-27

Midwest Manure Summit Slated For February 26-27

A lot of things have changed on the traditional Wisconsin dairy farm over the years, including how to dispose of manure. And some of those new innovations will be highlighted during a two-day conference in Green Bay, WI.


The 2013 Midwest Manure Summit will be held February 26-27 at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center, where dairy and livestock producers, government agency workers, agribusiness professionals, and educators will get a closer look at the processing and handling of animal waste.

The event is being sponsored by the University of Wisconson-Extension. Some of the workshop topics include reducing odor and emissions, uses of Phosphorus fertilizer, myths and misconceptions of digesters, dairy manure management and uses of recycled manure for bedding purposes.

There will also be many breakout sessions will be held throughout the conference, covering issues like digester economics, manure storage structure design, safety hazards, phosphorus removal, and pathogens in manure.

For more details or to sign-up, call 920-391-4610 or 920-834-6845.

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