Lessons From Winfield Solutions

Lessons From Winfield Solutions

For most retailers, developing a program the scope of Winfield Solutions Answer Plot Knowledge Events would not be practical. But a scaled down version could provide just as much benefit to your seed operation. Consider the following factors that make the Answer Plot program very valuable.


Placement Approach. Anybody can sell a seed variety or hybrid, but a placement approach takes into consideration the grower’s field, the soils, cropping history and past harvests in addition to input use. A placement is the marriage of everything that will go into turning the seed into optimal yield, and being able to make this sort of total recommendation builds trust and gives you more control.

Sales Follows Education. An educated grower makes the best customer, and the Answer Plot program immerses the grower in educational opportunities all year long from the in-season plot tours to the wintertime learning sessions.

Year-Long Effort. Seed selling is a 12-month process, and field research programs like the Answer Plot Knowledge Events provide fodder for discussions throughout the year. Creating the plots and the research trials, watching the program unfold in-season, and examining the data post-harvest provides multiple, invaluable touch points where retailers can interact with the grower customer.

Building Trust. As a main conduit education and information, the Answer Plot program helps to build relationships between sellers of seed and grower-customers. Field research improves the chance that a correct recommendation will be made, which is the ultimate scorecard for virtually every grower.