Replant ’08 Series: Dow AgroSciences

Replant ’08 Series: Dow AgroSciences

While weeds and diseases may be on the minds of most producers with late-planted corn and soybeans, don’t forget to watch out for increased insect pressure.


“Late-planted corn is much more attractive to second generation corn borers, so make scouting a priority this summer,” says Bruce Maddy, field scientist with Dow AgroSciences. Growers who planted hybrids containing HERCULEX Insect Protection traits are well protected from corn borer pressure, but should still scout their refuge acres, recommends Maddy.

A lot of soybeans were planted late this season and are at greater risk for soybean aphid damage. That’s because they are at a more susceptible growth stage during winged aphid migration,” says Sam Ferguson, field scientist for Dow AgroSciences. “If you have late-planted soybeans it’s very important to scout for soybean aphids, especially if aphids have been noted in the area.”

“When it comes to controlling insects in late-planted crops, Cobalt insecticide delivers broad-spectrum control,” says Brian Timmerman, product manager for Dow AgroSciences. “Cobalt gives growers fast knockdown and extended residual with two modes of action, all in the simplicity of one jug.”

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