Gowan Acquires Marketing Rights For Insecticide

Gowan Acquires Marketing Rights For Insecticide

Gowan Canada, LLC has been granted the Canadian crop protection marketing rights for Confirm 240F agricultural insecticide by Nippon Soda Co. Ltd. and plans to start distributing the product immediately. Nippon Soda Co. Ltd. acquired the brand and its active ingredient – tebufenozide – from Dow AgroSciences on March 31 of this year.


Confirm controls a broad spectrum of external Lepidopteran pests across a wide range of crops, including apples, cranberries, pears, and greenhouse lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, and ornamentals. Key pests controlled by Confirm include cabbage loopers, codling moth, European corn borer, fireworm, green pug moth, obliquebanded leafroller, sparganothis fruitworm, spotted tentiform leafminer, and winter moth.

“Confirm is an excellent product for control of external Lepidopteran pests early in the growing season,” notes Gowan product manager Eric McEwen. “While very effective against target pests, it’s soft on most beneficial species and has a low impact on aquatic organisms.”

McEwen added that Confirm fits well into integrated pest management (IPM) programs as well as resistance management strategies. “In addition, it’s another sign that Gowan is committed to serving the needs of growers throughout Canada with an ever-expanding line of proven crop protection products.”

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