Wheat Growers: Don’t Wait To Control Broadleaf

Wheat Growers: Don’t Wait To Control Broadleaf

Many wheat producers like to wait to apply broadleaf herbicides until winter or early spring, for a variety of reasons. This normally works well for control of mustard species, but is less effective for henbit control, said Dallas Peterson, K-State Research and Extension weed management specialist.


Winter annual broadleaves do not generally cause much wheat yield loss if left uncontrolled in the fall, he said.

“However, these weeds should be sprayed in early spring when they are actively growing, but before they begin to bolt,” he added.

“Producers who wait too long before making an herbicide application can run into a problem if weather conditions such as high winds or wet weather prevent timely application. If the herbicide application is delayed too long, weeds can become too large to control effectively and yield loss may occur,” Peterson said.