SipcamAdvan Announces Two New Herbicides

SipcamAdvan Announces Two New Herbicides

SipcamAdvan has expanded its popular Stalwart family of products to include two new herbicides that provide early-season weed control for a variety of glyphosate-, PPO- and ALS-resistant weeds. Stalwart MTZ is a metolachlor and metribuzin pre-mix for use on potatoes and soybeans; while Stalwart Xtra Lite is a safened pre-mix of metolachlor and atrazine for use on corn.


“Stalwart MTZ is effective because it fights weeds during the critical germination stage, protecting early crop growth from competition for moisture, light and nutrients,” explains Giovanni Mattaini, Agriculture Product Manager with SipcamAdvan. “The difference is seen in the quality of the potatoes and soybeans, as well as the yield.

Stalwart Xtra Lite contains the same proven ingredients of its sister product Stalwart Xtra, but with a reduced amount of atrazine that makes it ideal for a planned two-pass program for corn. It can be applied before or after planting, but before weeds emerge in all tillage systems.

Both products are approved for usage in Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and Nebraska. Additionally, Stalwart MTZ can be used in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi.

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