SDS Biotech K.K. Extends Agreement With Gowan

SDS Biotech K.K. Extends Agreement With Gowan

With the success of the U.S. development program for the rice herbicide benzobicyclon, SDS Biotech K.K. has reached an agreement with Gowan to extend their exclusive evaluation agreement to include key rice growing areas in the European Union.


Benzobicyclon is a herbicide, developed and discovered by SDS, which controls sedges, grasses and broadleaf weeds in flooded rice. Benzobicyclon is one of the largest selling rice herbicides in Asia and will be introduced into the California rice market in the near future.

“Gowan is extremely excited to have the opportunity to bring this molecule to Europe,” said Keith Holmes, the benzobicyclon product manager. “The new mode of action in rice, combined with good crop safety and outstanding control of a wide range of weeds will make it an excellent tool for European rice producers.”

Herbicide resistance in key rice weeds has become one of the major hurdles to rice producers around the world. Benzobicyclon offers a new mode of action to control rice weeds that have developed resistance to older chemistries. Under this agreement, Gowan, in cooperation with SDS, has initiated an extensive development and registration program, with the goal of delivering new weed management tools to rice growers throughout the Southern EU. Benzobicyclon is an excellent addition to Gowan Co.’s growing line of crop protection products.