PowerFlex HL Herbicide Protects More Wheat Acres

PowerFlex HL Herbicide Protects More Wheat Acres



Winter wheat will soon be emerging from dormancy in many wheat-growing states, and weeds will quickly follow, competing for moisture and nutrients. Dow AgroSciences’ new PowerFlex HL herbicide can protect that valuable crop.

PowerFlex HL is a more concentrated, high-load formulation that offers the same powerful cross-spectrum control as PowerFlex herbicide against stubborn grass and broadleaf weeds like downy brome, cheat, mustard species and ALS-susceptible Italian ryegrass.

“PowerFlex HL offers growers more active ingredient per pound, giving them the same excellent performance with less material per acre,” says Alejandra Chavez Green, portfolio marketing leader for PowerFlex HL. “Users will need to adjust rates, but the payoff is in fewer containers to handle and dispose of.”

PowerFlex HL herbicide combines the same crop safety as the original formulation with a wide application window for maximum flexibility in managing time and resources. It also offers the same rotational flexibility that growers have come to appreciate, with a three-month rotation interval to soybeans, cotton, grain sorghum and sunflowers — and only a nine-month rotation to corn — in many geographies.

Cases of PowerFlex HL will have a red oval emblem on the box that designates the new high-load formulation. In addition, each case of high-load product will come with the new PowerFlex HL measuring device.

The new formulation will replace the current PowerFlex herbicide formulation. PowerFlex HL is now available for purchase. For more information about PowerFlex HL herbicide, visit www.PowerFlexHLHerbicide.com.