Nufarm Expands Glyphosate Portfolio

Nufarm Expands Glyphosate Portfolio

EPA has issued a Section 3 registration for Nufarm Americas Inc.’s Credit Xtreme herbicide, a new high-load glyphosate formulation.


Credit Xtreme features Dual Salt Technology, a patented blend of potassium and IPA glyphosate salts developed by Nufarm. This innovative technology makes Credit Xtreme the only Roundup-equivalent formulation load offering 4.5 pounds of glyphosate acid per gallon (also called a 6-pound product in active ingredient) in a fully loaded product. And this easy-to-use formulation offers better compatibility with phenoxy herbicides than Roundup brands, according to NuFarm.

Credit Xtreme herbicide treats more acres per gallon with no need for additional surfactants, although customers may still add proprietary products as locally determined. It is approved for use on a number of Roundup Ready crops, including corn and soybeans, according to the company.

Credit Xtreme will be available in limited quantities for the 2009 growing season. Growers interested in using the product are urged to contact their local crop protection distributor for availability.

For more information call 630-455-2000, or visit the website at

(Source: AgNewsWire)

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