Module Manages Resistance

Module Manages Resistance

A Syngenta program may help your grower-customers deal with the growing problem of glyphosate-resistant weeds.


The company’s Resistance Fighter Resistance Management Module is a unique tool to help growers manage resistance by offering herbicide solutions tailored to corn and soybean fields.The interactive solutions module allows growers to input attributes unique to their farm and management style, generating a herbicide program designed to fit their needs. Each solution is customized by crop, weed, county, state, preferred management methods, and history of resistance.

The Resistance Fighter Resistance Management Module offers growers customized solutions for weed control including resistant weeds. It is currently available on Syngenta’s resistance management Web site,

“I stood side-by-side with a North Carolina grower looking at a field overrun with glyphosate-resistant weeds,” says Chuck Foresman, manager of weed resistance strategies for Syngenta. “He said that pigweed isn’t his number one problem; it’s his number one, two, and three problems. It was at the point where he was determining whether or not that property could be used for farming. Growers are looking for answers, and this module provides a step in the right direction. It’s a valuable resource for both growers and retailers.”