Ignite Herbicide Label Change Approved For 2011 Applications

Ignite Herbicide Label Change Approved For 2011 Applications

The EPA has approved a new label for Ignite herbicide in soybeans, according to Bayer CropScience. LibertyLink soybean growers now have even greater efficiency and flexibility in their weed management program.


Soybean growers can now apply up to 65 ounces of Ignite herbicide per season in LibertyLink soybeans. Up to 36 ounces per acre of Ignite can be applied in a single application if recommended timing is delayed. And, AMS can be added if conditions are drier or cooler than optimal.

“This label change will improve the efficiency and utility of weed management in LibertyLink soybeans,” said Andy Hurst, product manager for LibertyLink and Ignite herbicide with Bayer CropScience. “Many factors can delay timely postemergence applications. Soybean growers now have the option to use a higher rate of Ignite, as needed. This change is a contributing factor to why LibertyLink is the most reliable option for weed resistance management.”

High-yielding varieties of LibertyLink soybeans are available in multiple brands in maturities ranging from 0.9 to 5.9. Ignite herbicide is also labeled for use on all LibertyLink crops, including corn, soybeans, cotton and canola, as well as burndown prior to crop emergence of non-LibertyLink crops.

“Nonselective Ignite herbicide knocks out both broadleaf and grass weeds, as well as weeds resistant to glyphosate and other herbicide classes,” Hurst said. “And, as with any weed management approach, timely and effective early season weed control is critical to crop health and preserving yield. Bayer strongly advocates the use of recommended residual herbicides along with Ignite to ensure optimal weed control and weed resistance management.”

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