Dow Reveals New Herbicide Portfolio

Dow Reveals New Herbicide Portfolio

Dow AgroSciences‘ new Technology for Traits herbicide portfolio is designed for use with herbicide-tolerant corn and soybean production systems.


Led by the herbicides Surestart (acetochlor + flumetsulam + clopyralid), Sonic (cloransulam-methyl + sulfentrazone), and Durango DMA (glyphosate), the herbicide line is specifically suited to Roundup Ready crops, according to a company release.

"Today’s growers are faced with increased weed pressure in herbicide-tolerant weed control systems that hurt their ability to produce larger yields to meet growing demand for corn and soybeans," says Dean Palmer, product manager for Dow AgroSciences.

Palmer says the herbicides work together in a two-pass program in herbicide-tolerant corn or soybeans for better early season control of tough weeds, and cites data from 35 experiments in nine states over the course of seven years found that a soil-applied herbicide in corn followed by glyphosate yielded 7% more than a post treatment of glyphosate alone.

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