Generic Crop Protection Product Sales Grow

Generic Crop Protection Product Sales Grow

According to a well-respected agribusiness market intelligence company, the global market for crop protection products increased by 9.7 percent to $33.3 billion.


Of that, the total turnover for the leading 10 generic companies increased by 24.8 percent to $6.57 billion, according to Phillips-McDougall. The following list shows the sales results of the leading five agrochemical companies whose sales are based predominantly on generic products in 2007. The list includes the company name, total sales in millions in 2007, and percentage growth in 2007 over 2006 sales.

1. Makhteshim Agan, $1,895 million in sales, 19.9 percent growth
2. Nufarm, $1,819 million in sales, 46.1 percent growth
3. Cheminova, $721 million in sales, 19.4 percent growth
4. United Phosphorus, $76 million, 27.0 percent growth
5. Sipcam, $356 million in sales, 1.4 percent growth

Included in the sales growth were the acquisitions made by several of the five largest firms.

The generic share of the agrochemical market has increased from 18.9 percent to 30.3 percent since 1995. However, if glyphosate is removed from the data, then the generic companies share in 2007 accounts for 24.5 percent of the market.

(Source: AgriMarketing)

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