Syngenta On The AgriEdge

Syngenta On The AgriEdge

Recognizing the increase in corn-on-corn rotations, Syngenta has expanded its AgriEdge Corn Program for 2008 to include applications of Quilt fungicide and Warrior Brand insecticide.


The 2008 program also will include hybrids stacked with Agrisure RW (rootworm) and CB/LL (corn borer/LibertyLink) corn traits for rootworm and corn borer protection with Liberty herbicide tolerance, plus GT (glyphosate-tolerant) trait for tolerance to glyphosate.

“The purpose of AgriEdge is to maximize yield potential by matching high-performance corn hybrids containing Agrisure traits with proven crop protection solutions,” says Pat Steiner, program manager for AgriEdge Corn. “The addition of the Quilt and Warrior Brand to the AgriEdge Corn Program gives growers a solution for gray leaf spot and in-season insect control. It also addresses the particular needs of continuous corn, where more residue cover encourages more disease activity.”

AgriEdge is a yield-maximizing crop production system that combines an integrated portfolio of technology, seed traits, premium genetics, and proven crop protection products.

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