Less May Be More For Headline

Less May Be More For Headline

BASF’s preliminary study results show lower-volume technologies cover more acres and deliver all the benefits of its Headline fungicide.


BASF shared early results from its continued evaluation of application technology as low as 1 gallon per acre (GPA) for Headline fungicide with attendees at the National Agricultural Aviation Association’s (NAAA) national conference.

The early research results showed that Headline applied using as low as 1 GPA volume provided yield and performance that was equal to that gained by using 2 GPA. The study authors emphasized that Headline applications in less than 2 GPA water volumes is not an EPA-registered use, and such volumes should not be used for any crop.

In the tests, Headline applications were applied to corn, soybeans, and wheat. Evaluations of droplet size and distribution, coverage, disease control, and grain yield of the tested crops were conducted. BASF is encouraged by the results and will conduct more studies. A submission for this use also will be made to EPA.

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