DuPont Announces Approval Of Fungicide With New Active Ingredient

DuPont has received registration approval from the federal government for DuPont Fontelis fungicide, a new tool that reportedly gives growers the power and flexibility to deal with the unexpected.


According to the company, Fontelis will help improve yield and quality for fruits, vegetables, peanuts and other specialty crops.

Featuring a new active ingredient to rotate chemistries for better resistance management, Fontelis delivers protection that’s both preventive and curative.

Research trials and grower demonstrations have shown excellent crop safety across all crops tested with no adverse effects on growth, yield or produce quality.

Fontelis contains the new active ingredient penthiopyrad, a next-generation SDHI fungicide that provides superior protection by locking onto the fungus to halt progression of key plant diseases. It also controls a broad spectrum of plant diseases caused by soil-borne, leaf spotting, flower and fruit infecting fungi.