FMC Launches Insecticide In California

FMC Launches Insecticide In California

California citrus, vegetable and tree nut growers have a new option for control of damaging insects and mites. Gladiator insecticide/miticide, from FMC Agricultural Solutions, recently received state registration, offering dual modes of action combined in a unique, water-based, low volatile organic compound (VOC) formulation for powerful knockdown of more than 100 insect and mite pests.


“Gladiator is a proven solution Florida growers are using right now to manage the devastating effects of citrus greening,” said David Davies, FMC Agricultural Solutions North America segment manager. ”Now that the Asian citrus psyllid has made its way West, it is important that California citrus growers also have a tested and effective tool for controlling citrus psyllid and other tough pests that threaten their crops.”

Gladiator insecticide/miticide combines Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) group 3 and 6 modes of action with a formulation that provides full benefits in each droplet, goes on evenly and resists wash off for maximum efficiency and residual. Key pests controlled by Gladiator include Asian citrus psyllid, citrus leafminer and cutworms in citrus; Navel orangeworms, codling moth and caterpillars in tree nuts; and leafminer, thrips and loopers in leafy green vegetables

Once applied, Gladiator has a re-entry interval of just 12 hours for most crops, a pre-harvest interval of 7 days in citrus and leafy green vegetables, and no plant back restriction for labeled crops.

“Gladiator provides outstanding control of tough pests across a wide range of crops, including tree nuts, citrus and vegetables,” said Davies. “Whether the challenge is codling moth, Asian citrus psyllid or leafminer, Gladiator helps growers harvest more.”

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