Nitrogen Stabilizer Registered For NY

Nitrogen Stabilizer Registered For NY

New York corn growers now have access to a new tool that can help ensure a better return from nitrogen applications this spring, with the registration of Instinct nitrogen stabilizer for use in New York state. This technology from Dow AgroSciences stabilizes nitrogen in urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) or liquid manure.


Instinct protects nitrogen at the plant root zone, keeping it readily available to corn plants during key yield-determining growth stages. More than 30 years of research shows that nitrapyrin, the active ingredient in Instinct, optimizes the yield potential of corn by increasing grain protein, improving standability, reducing the risk of stalk rot and enabling a more natural crop drydown.

“Instinct is proven technology in an innovative, encapsulated formula,” says Andrew Simeonidis, senior marketing specialist for Dow AgroSciences. “Instinct allows growers to apply the right amount of UAN or liquid manure and keep it where it’s needed most — in the soil.”

On-farm field trials during 2008 and 2009 show that corn grown in soil in which UAN was applied with Instinct nitrogen stabilizer yielded nearly 6 bushels per acre more than corn grown in soil fertilized with untreated UAN.

Instinct is easy to handle, is noncorrosive and requires no special application equipment. It supports environmentally beneficial farming practices by reducing nitrogen leaching into groundwater and reducing denitrification, the escape of nitrogen into the atmosphere. As an encapsulated product, Instinct can remain on the soil surface for up to 10 days, giving growers maximum flexibility in application timing.