New Nitrogen Stabilizer Offers Five Key Benefits

New Nitrogen Stabilizer Offers Five Key Benefits

Now available from Gavilon Fertilizer, Arborite AG-NT is a part of an NBPT-based nitrogen stabilizer line that delivers impressive results.


Arborite AG-NT is an additive for urea and urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) that is proven to reduce nitrogen volatility by inhibiting the activity of the urease enzyme — thanks to its patented Nitrolock Technology.

5 Key Benefits Of Arborite AG-NT Benefits

1. Can be applied to urea or mixed with a UAN solution.

2. Dries quickly, to improve blend time and reduce clogging.

3. Improved viscosity characteristics enhance coating in temperatures even into the mid-20’s F.

4. Operator friendly low-odor formula.

5. Maximizes growth and yield potential from your customer’s nitrogen investment.

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