Dow AgroSciences has selected the brand name INSTINCT nitrogen stabilizer for its new product designed for use with urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) and manure applications.


An encapsulated product, INSTINCT will stabilize nitrogen (N) in the soil to make it less susceptible to loss due to denitrification and leaching, offering growers a tool for growing healthy corn and supporting environmentally sound practices.

The product label is currently under review by EPA. It holds a 24 (c) registration in Iowa, and Dow AgroSciences expects to receive federal registration for the product before 2009.

Adam Manwarren, product manager for Dow AgroSciences, says the name was chosen to emphasize the importance of including a stabilizer with N applications. “Considering today’s high corn prices, applying N is a common sense management practice for successful growers. The name ‘INSTINCT’ reminds growers that protecting their UAN and manure applications is just as important as applying the fertilizer in the first place,” Manwarren says.