‘Green’ Product Changes Fertilizer Landscape

‘Green’ Product Changes Fertilizer Landscape

Commercial production has begun for Crystal Green — the world’s first renewable and environmentally safe slow-release fertilizer with a combination of nitrogen, phosphorus, and magnesium (5-28-0 + 10 Mg), according to its manufacturer, Ostara, based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Crystal Green offers a completely new chemistry for the fertilizer industry, the company says. Unlike slow release products, its far more predictable and is not affected by excessive moisture, bacteria, and temperature changes. Ostara emphasizes that Crystal Green is made from a renewable source of phosphorus, making it not only good for your grower-customers’ plants, but for the environment.

Crystal Green has been successfully tested in-field at several leading universities and is a proven safe, slow-release fertilizer, according to Ostara.

The fertilizer comes in a wide range of sizes to fit blending needs (from 50 SGN to 240 SGN), and due to its crystalline structure, does not break down so there is no leaching or burn.

(Source: Ostara)