Fertilizer Opener Provides Flexibility

Fertilizer Opener Provides Flexibility

Yetter Manufacturing has added one of the most flexible fertilizer openers on the market today to its extensive lineup of fertilizer application tools.


The new 2968 Row Unit Mount In Between Fertilizer Opener solves the placement problem for producers who need to achieve off-the-row placement of starter or nitrogen fertilizer. The 2968 attachment is uniquely designed to be installed behind the gauge wheel. “The purpose of this location is to fit different models of planters in the same manner while eliminating the possibility of fertilizer build-up on the row unit gauge wheels,” explains Derek Allensworth, Yetter’s marketing manager.

The compact design of the Row Unit Mount In Between Fertilizer Opener means it is easy to add to a variety of mounted and pull-type planter setups.

(Source Yetter)

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