ESN Smart Nitrogen Honored By Ag Retailers

ESN Smart Nitrogen Honored By Ag Retailers

ESN Smart Nitrogen, made by Agrium Advanced Technologies (AAT), has been chosen as one of two finalists for the Ag Retailers Association (ARA)/AgGateway Innovative Technology Contest. Both were nominated by the retail members of ARA and a final Grand Champion will be chosen during the 2013 ARA Conference.


As one of the finalists, AAT will present its ESN technology with the help of a current retail customer, at the 2013 ARA Conference in Miami, FL, December 3-5. After both finalists have presented, attendees will vote via text message to determine the Grand Champion.

“AAT is proud to have ESN recognized by ag retailers as one of the new, cutting-edge technologies,” says Bryon Strait, ESN marketing manager. “ESN’s controlled-release technology provides benefits to ag retailers and their customers by protecting growers’ nitrogen investment.”

ESN is a polymer-coated nitrogen (N) fertilizer that improves N use efficiency in crops and reduces N lost to the environment. ESN delivers N to growing crops all season long, not just when it’s applied, allowing crops to reach their full potential. Because it is a granular fertilizer, ESN blends easily with other products, and readily fits growers’ existing fertilizer programs.