ARA: Fertilizer Contract To Meet Needs Of Retailers

ARA: Fertilizer Contract To Meet Needs Of Retailers

The Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA) is seeking feedback regarding its model fertilizer contract confirmation by encouraging members to take an online survey. This model contract is meant to serve as a voluntary tool designed to help companies better manage their risks, more accountability, and provide the industry with consistent terms and conditions when dealing with suppliers or customers.


Specifically, ARA is seeking input from ARA members and other industry leaders in order to gain better insight as to how the industry is utilizing this document and potential ways that it could be improved to meet the needs of the agricultural retail-distribution industry. In April 2009, ARA formed a Fertilizer Contract Task Force with the objective of developing an ARA branded fertilizer contract confirmation that specifies the mutual agreed upon terms of the buyer and seller between any two business entities in the distribution system: manufacturer, distributor, retailer, and end user.

The deadline to complete the survey is Friday, April 23, 2010.

Click here to view a copy of the model contract. Click here to complete the survey.

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Anonymous says:

Contracts can be a very good working tool for the farmer and the dealer in locking in production cost and sales margins but the key thing is getting the producer of the fertilizer to agree to this. as a producer, cost of inputs are hard to lock in due to market “strengths and weekness” depending on product has come from.