DuPont Advocates Technology Access

DuPont Advocates Technology Access

A DuPont executive says developing countries should be given access to improved ag technologies.



DuPont Group Vice President James C. Borel told a special United Nations (U.N.) meeting on the global food crisis recently that providing farmers in developing countries access to improved agricultural technologies and farming techniques is critical in addressing the global food crisis. Speaking on behalf of the private sector for the International Chamber of Commerce, Borel gave the U.N. Economic and Social Council business and industry’s perspective on immediate and long-term solutions to the food crisis.

"Agriculture must be higher on our agenda in a world of increasing food demands and shrinking resources," he said. "Farmers and agri-businesses are the engines that will enable increases in productivity. I assure you that the private sector and the 1.3 billion farmers around the world are eager to help and are committed to being a part of the solution."

Borel told the group that local farmers, ag retailers, grain handlers, and Extension programs should be included in addressing the immediate needs, so that the infrastructure, investments, and advancements they provide are not destroyed. "As we address the short-term needs, do not repeat the mistakes of the past 20 years when agriculture received little policy attention or investment in the areas where it was needed most," Borel said.

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