Dow AgroSciences, Wageningen UR Form Research Agreement

Dow AgroSciences, Wageningen UR Form Research Agreement

Dow AgroSciences LLC and the Plant Sciences Group of Wageningen UR (University and Research center) have entered into a research agreement to study how EXZACT Precision Technology can improve the starch quality of potato, a food and industrial crop of global importance.


Under the agreement, researchers at Wageningen UR in the Netherlands will study the effectiveness of using the EXZACT technology in tetraploid potato, a commonly grown crop that represents a major food and fiber source for millions of people worldwide. Dow AgroSciences is providing its technology as well as access to intellectual property, validated, high-quality zinc-finger reagents, and scientific expertise.

“Wageningen UR is a world leader in potato genetic research and breeding” says Kay Kuenker, Dow AgroSciences vice president for new business. “By combining our EXZACT Precision Technology with Wageningen UR’s expertise and plant breeding activities, we have an opportunity to create significant value and bring innovation to the agricultural market.”

“This agreement with Dow AgroSciences will enhance the ongoing work and expertise at Wageningen UR. We are thrilled to work with Dow AgroSciences and share this exciting new technology,” says Richard Visser, Professor in Plant Breeding at Wageningen University, whose team is leading the effort with Dow AgroSciences’ EXZACT Scientific Leader Vipula Shukla, Ph.D.

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