Chinese Growing More Corn Than Rice

Chinese Growing More Corn Than Rice

The U.S. Grains Council reports that for the first time in history, China is set to produce more corn than rough rice. The shift depicts the growing affluence by the Chinese middle class and their demand for a more protein-rich diet.


The USDA has revised its projection of Chinese corn production from 200 million metric tons (7.9 billion bushels) to 208 million metric tons (8.2 billion bushels).

The USDA is also predicting a Chinese rough rice production of a little more than 204 million metric tons.

“Dramatic shifts in corn production are taking place across the globe,” stated Kevin Roepke, USGC manager of global trade, “This is stark evidence that today’s corn producer is well poised to take advantage of growing global consumerism.”

Rice represents the staple food for India and China, however, data suggests people in China are increasing their desire for animal Protein. China has experience a vast growth in meat demand over the past 20 years; poultry has increased 300%, pork consumption has increased 85% and beef consumption has increased 155%.

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